How To Get More Clients for Your Drop Servicing Business

Next up we’re going to explore probably the most important aspect after picking your niche – getting people to see what you have to offer. 

Now, it’s important to note that depending on what type of drop servcing business you diced to go with, how you get eyeballs to your service will differ. 

So with this post, I’m going to lay out a few different methods of getting peoples attention and where they would be most benficial. 

Most of these marketing strategies tend to heavily involve inbound style marketing. You can learn more about that here…

Get More Clients From Freelance Marketplaces

So, this i where most people start. And, for some it works very well. The premise is simple:

  1. Sign up for an account at a freelancer marketplace such as: 

Note: There will also be more niches marketplaces for different industries and skills. A simple search on Google [YOUR SERVICE] + Freelancer Marketplace

For example, in the writing niche there’s a site called that a lot of people wouldn’t necessarily know about. So, have a search and see if a niched freelancer marketplace exists for your service. 

Now, you may be thinking that in order to get more clients, you have to sign up at all of the above freelancer marketplaces. While this might be true at the start of your business, once you’ve found a winner my recommendation would be to go 80% in on whatever platform provides you with the most clients.

2. Apply for Jobs

Now, what I’m going to advise here might throw a few people off and even turn some of you away. But, if you are offering a B2B service such as some sort of writing gig, web development, administration etc – to ensure your success long-term I’d advise you take the following steps

  1. Your First Goal: Get good and positive feedback on your proifle 
  2. Complete the first few jobs at least, by yourself. 

There’s a few reason to these 2 pieces of advice. Let’s start with the first…

Get Good and Positive Feedback

This should be first goal when looking to get more clients through the door. You need to build some social proof that you can deliver the work you say you can. Now, if there was one time to lower your prices this would be the time, however, you don’t need to do that. I’ve opened new freelancer accounts with $100 and $150 dollar projects – it can certainly be done. 

But if you’re struggling to get your first few clients then getting a bit crative and maybe lowering your prices might work. Another strategy when using freelancer platforms i, instead of offering your services for a lower price, apply for jobs that are reletively low. 

Again, this would be the only time I would recommendlowering your prices and while it can work it isn’t the only way to get your first client. 

Just remember, at this stage our goal should be to get positive feedback on our profile so getting work in the future becomes easier. 

3. Deliver Your Service 

Now as I mentioned in the second point above – if you’re offering a service like writing, web development, analytical services or most other digital 2B service, deliver the first few projects yourself. 

For you to do this you’re obviously going to need to have experience in the service you’re offering. 

Doing this will give you a better understanding of the process and when it comes to scaling your service you can outsource the work at a more efficient and effective level. 

However, there are plenty of people who deliver services that they have no real experience. It can work – it just might take a bit more work, that’s all. 

4. Complete Project and Get Feedback

Sometimes finishing the work is easier than getting the feedback – some client can be a pain in the arse. 

But, once you’ve delivered the project on time and at the highest quality, your sole aim after that is to get that positive feedback. Social proof, case studies and testimonials will go along way to helping your get more clients.

So, once you have 3-5 projects completed with each client giving you great feedback, it’s now time to move onto apply for bigger and better jobs and then outsourcing these to another freelancers. 

Again, you can get your freelancers from the same marketplace or a different one. The two things to make sure you get though are: 

  1. The quality of work is good
  2. And, the price you pay for them to complete the work is lower than that of what you charge – preferably at least 40% profit for you. 

In essense that’s the process if you’re using a freelancer platform. I would recommend this makes up at least a porportion of your client aquisition straegy. 

Get More Clients Using Paid Advertising

The second strategy we’re going to touch on is paid advertising. So, this strategy can work for both B2B and B2C. 

The idea is simple: 

You use a platform such as Google, Facebook, Instagram or something similar to target your audience using paid ads. 

You’ll ideally send those prospects to a landing page, gather their personal information such as; name and email. Then, follow up with them using some sort of email marketing strategy and close them. 

Now for this strategy to work, you’re going to need to upgrade and improve some specific skills such as;

  • PPC advertising 
  • Email marketing 
  • Building Landing pages
  • Basic copywriting skills

This method can be VERY powerful if you choose the right niche. I gave an example in my last post – but here’s one to save you a bit of time…

PPC Stratgy Example: 

Niche Service: Thai to English Translation (Disclaimer: This is used for example purposes only, I haven’t verified this niche)

  • Use Google Ads and Relevent keyword tools to find spefic keywords your niche are using. 
  • Create your ads targetting these keywrods 
  • Send propsects to a landing page
  • Offer them value upfront and get their name and email address
  • Deliver your ‘value’ through an autoresponder
  • Follow up with them offering more value while asking for the sale every now and then 

You can check out what I wrote about this in my ‘funnels’ post. 

A PPC streatgy can work really well for the right sercvice and audience but, I highly recommend you learn how to do PPC as you can lose money if you’re not careful. 

If you’re interested in learning more about PPC i’d recommend checking out certification program. Their ‘Jumpstart’, ‘Execution and longer form certification courses have been invaluable to me. They’ve not only help me get more clients both short and long term but have also helped me develop and hones my digital marketing skills.

The certifications don’t come cheap so if you’re on a budget check out their other smaller courses – you’ll be glad you did.

Get More Clients Using Instagram (Organic)

Above I mentioned Instagram in a paid advertising sense. Here’ I’m going to talk about using Instagram in a more organic way to get more clients for your business.

This strategy essentially involves creating an account, coming up with a social media calendar with different content all focused around your niche. 

For this strategy to work, you’re going to have to be super consistent by posting every day and updating your story with relevant content that resonates with your target market. 

IN your content you’re going to want to provide a CTA (call to action) that get’s them to initiate the contact with you and then close them over DM’s or over the phone if neccesaary. 

Of course, part of this strategy would involve you reaching out to relevant business in your niche on instagram. This could be just to initiate a conversation based on something you’ve seen on their website, instagram profile. 

Offer value, build a real relationship and when you close a client change their business for the better. 

Get More Clients by Asking Your Network 

If you’ve already got a network in your niche then this should be one of the first strategies you should use. 

Simply reaching out to people in the business you know and offering your services can work. But, often offering value in the form of advice and maybe even the odd discounted or free work could work wonders for the longevity of your drop servicing business. 

If you haven’t got a network in place – it’s time to start building one. As the saying goes ‘Your network is your net worth. Surrounding yourself in the middle of your market and with like minded people will not only help your business but your own personal and professional development too. 

Get More Clients Leveraging LinkedIn

There is a lot of money being made on LinkedIn recently. LinkedIn can really be a source of gold if you’re offering B2B services. 

For your linkedin strategy to work you’re going to need to need following a similar process to Instgram but of course, gear your approach towards how LinkedIn works. 

To get clients that are both targeted and qualified you’re going to have to come up with a content strategy that not only suits your branding and niche but that works with LinkedIn too. 

You can share longer form content with LinkedIn so use this ‘real estate’ to your advantage. If for example you’re offering SEO services then creating content that helps your target audience is a great value driven strategy you can use. 

Remember every social media platform has it’s own personality – and therefore, you’re content strategy should refelct this. 

Get More Clients by Publishing Your Own Book 

This idea was suggested to me not so long ago. And while the idea of writing a book might sound tedious and laborious – many people have been using this strategy for years. And just one book on your topic can explode your business almost overnight. 

The idea, is to create a super targetted book on your servvice and niche your serving that offers a tonne of value.

Using this stragy can not only help you build your business but can do wonders for your branding. And branding is the future of of marketing. Those with stronger brands will outlast those who don’t have brands. 

Releasing a book in times gone by was ridiculously hard. You’re chances of getting published were slim. 

But places like Amazon have really opened this up for the little guy. You can, if you want have a small book completed and published in a matter of days. Not only that but you can have it delivered to your customer in both paperback and on kindle. This strategy is well worth exploring if you’re looking to get more clients – for any business.

Here’s what I recommend: 

  • Choose your niche
  • Choose your service 
  • Create a super targeted book for your niche that offers a solution to their problem
  • Within the book offer them free downloads where you can get their name and email address
  • Then use automated email marketing campaign to follow up with them and upsell them to your service

This strategy, while having a bit of upfront work can be a complete game changer for your business. 

Facebook Groups 

As opposed to being a strategy, this is more a tactic than anything else – but a powerful one if you find the right groups. 

Essential it involves joining groups in your industry, adding value, answering questions and then pitching your offer. 

Some groups actually have a job board for certain niches. 

Nothing really more to add here than just repeat what I’ve said: 

  • Join relevent facebook groups 
  • Don’t go in and SPAM the group but rather lead with value by answering questions and offering tips where you feel neccesary 
  • Follow up with people through comments and FB DM’s 

While I wouldn’t base your whole strtagy on this tactic I would definetly have it as part of your overall process to finding client. 

How To Get More Clients: Over To You…

I haven’t mentioned yet, but, You’re going to need some sort of portfolio of work to help you close your prospects to clients. 

Offering your services without have some example work will be a waste of time. To take this further, make sure you have at least a few peices in your portfolio that are in the same niche as your targetting. 

You’ll also notice a lot of the strategies are simaed at digital marketing services like; writing, seo, web development etc, but don’t let that steer you away from offering services to the verage joe soap. 

While a lot of money can be made offering digital service to businesses there are more untapped niches in the general consumer market – you just got to look a little deeper and be cretive with how you appraoch it. 

Overall, I’d recommend choosing 1 one two areas where you go 80% in on, while the other tactis and strategies go in by 20% – based on the success of each on you can always change your direction at a moments notice. Be sure to check out our sales prospecting post where I go into more outbound marketing strategies

Just remember to take action. 

To the success of your drop servcing business,