Before you buy anything, you’ll normally go through a process. You’ll do your own due diligence on the things you’re looking to buy and then make a decision based on the variables that are important to your purchasing decision – right? 

Well, not always as the case was with me. 

When I first started getting into lead generation for my freelance and drop servicing business I made a huge school boy error. Very out of character and actually quite stupid of me if im being brutally honest. 

Here’s what happened…

D7 Lead Finder Review: My Mistake

The School Boy Errors of All School Boy Errors...

After purchasing a course (a very good one by the way), I was hanging out in the dedicated Facebook Group one day. 

Now bear in mind, I had 3 projects I was undertaking at the time: 

I was working on all 3 simultaneously when one of the lessons from the course asked us to go out and collect 300-500 leads in our niche. 

This would involve crawling through a shit tonne of websites and pre-qualifying leads based on their website and traffic stats. 

Make no mistake this was a mammoth task. One that could be outsourced or automated…

I was scrolling through the Facebook Group and came across a post from a guy that was recommending his ‘friends’ lead scraping software. He mentioned a few times that it wasn’t his software and even provided a video or 2 on using the software. 

Now, I knew what lead scraping was and the benefits it could bring – but I wasn’t up to date on the best softwares available on the market. 

As I was a little bit overwhelmed with work (my own fault, I know) I decided to dive in head first and purchase the software without doing any of the checks and due diligence I would normally do. 

And guess what? I got stung. 

D7 Lead Finder Review: Red Flag

Here are a list of the red flags that started smashing me across the face within seconds of hitting that confirm purchase button: 


Red Flag #1: The after purchase video was made and spoken over by the exact same guy who recommended the software in the first place – I thought the software wasn’t his?


Red Flag #2: All the links on the homepage, confirmation page and literally anywhere onsite were dead. In fact they had the exact same URL destination of a brand new site. If you’ve set up a website before you’ll know what I’m talking about – – it’s the hashtag at the end that screams this is a new website. 

Red Flag #3: After installing the software – it of course didn’t work. Did about 5 seconds of lead scraping then stopped working


Red Flag #4: After smelling a rat I went back to the Facebook Group and found there were a number of other people who also had an issue with the software. 


Red Flag #5: The facebook page of this individual was a single photo and everyone on his friends list was a business owner – I mean EVERYONE. 


Fake profile. Fake lead scraping software. And fake site. 

Ouch. Ego hurt. 

And for someone who can normally sniff out these people from a mile away I fell hook, line and sinker into the trap of purchasing a piece of software that didn’t work and of course had no way of getting a refund. 

After picking myself up and moving on, I decided to do my research this time. I needed a lead scraping software that not only worked but did so for a reasonable price. 

My research led me to D7 Lead Finder. 

What is Lead Scraping Anyway? 

Before diving into the software let me just clear something up – what is lead scraping? 

When looking for new customers a business will need to drum up a list of possible leads (the act of lead generation) to contact. This usually happens in the thousands and simply trying to find these leads yourself and enter their URL, business name, contact and business opportunities into an excel sheet one by one on your own is almost business sucide.

If you work flat out you can expect to get 30 leads every 20 minutes or so. But, that’s not taking into consideration the mind numbingly boring act of lead scraping. AFter a few hours of this you’ll be ready to tear your own eyeballs out – trust me. 

But you don’t need to do this all on your own, and this where a solid lead scraping software is worth its weight in gold. 

A lead scraping software will automatically go out there and collect most (if not all) of the information you need within minutes. So, something that could take you 5 days to complete can be done in 15 minutes – a no-brainer if you ask me. 

Usually, you’ll enter a few instructions into the software such as; niche and location. And the software will go out to Google, Facebook, Yelp and a multitude of other sites and get you the information you need to start feeding your sales funnel. 

This information will then all be extracted and downloaded to an easy to read and access spreadsheet. 

D7 Lead Finder Review

D7 Lead Finder Review:

D7 Lead Scraper

One of these tools is D7 Lead Finder. A leading player in the market, D7 Lead Finder comes with all the tools you need to start collecting a tonne of leads to start filling your sales funnel up with.

There are 3 pricing tiers; $24.99, $44.99, and $94.99. 

For the vast majority of people, the lower-priced tier will be more than enough. But, as you start to grow your business and offer a wider range of services and likely upgrade to the Agency plan at $44.99. 

D7 Lead Finder Review: Features and Benefits

List and Searches

D7 Lead finder works on what it calls ‘Lists’ or ‘Searches’. This is basically the amount of Industry + location searches you do per day. So, for example: Dentists in Miami would be 1 list or search. Plumbers in London would be a second. 

Pretty basic stuff you’d expect. 

D7 Lead Finder Review:

Number of Leads

While other softwares on the market cap the amount of leads you can get in a 24 hour period, D7 Lead Finder doesn’t. Instead of capping the amount of leads you’ll get they cap the amount of ‘lists’ or ‘searches’ you make in a day. The handy little thing about this is depending on the industry you’re looking for leads in, you could literally scrape thousands of leads a day. 

D7 Lead Finder Review:

Lead Contact Data

Probably the most important bit of information any lead scraping software will give you – the information you need to pre-qualify and contact your leads. You’ll be able to get access to a businesses; name, website URL, address, social media handles, postal address, pixel and remarketing data, business review count and rating and whether their website is mobile responsive. 

Contact Data

Getting data on their name, website, social media profiles and postal address is pretty much standard across the industry. So nothing really more to add here


Other Lead Data

You’ve also got access to additional lead data such as; whether or not they’re using Google Analytics, a categorization of services (Thai Restaurants vs just Restaurants) and SEO data points.

Mobile Responsive

This is a nifty little feature that can help us identify ‘quick win’ opportunities. By finding a list of businesses that aren’t mobile responsive we can contact them and offer them to turn their website mobile friendly for a small transaction fee – allowing us to put ‘out foot in the door’ for larger projects down the line. 

Business Reviews

This scrapes a varied amount of data depending on where the information is but getting an indepth look at what other customers are saying about a business can help us identify businesses who may be in need of some positive reviews or high performing business might have a budget to purchase our services. 

Mobile Responsive

This is a nifty little feature that can help us identify ‘quick win’ opportunities. By finding a list of businesses that aren’t mobile responsive we can contact them and offer them to turn their website mobile friendly for a small transaction fee – allowing us to put ‘out foot in the door’ for larger projects down the line. 

D7 Lead Finder Search Queries

D7 Lead Finder: How Does It Work? 

Well, leading on from my opening experience with lead scraping tools – any lead scraping software that actually does what it says it does is a bonus for me at this point!

But, joking aside – how does it work? 

Well, one of the biggest advantages D7 Lead Finder has over its competitors is that it’s a cloud based software – meaning you won’t have to clog up your hard drive with any software. This is the main reason I personally choose D7 Leader Finder over the other options on the market. As I use a Chromebook myself, I’m limited to the amount of programs I can install on my laptop. 

After choosing your industry keyword (e.g: electricians) and your location (e.g: London) the software will go to work on finding the data. 

Once the software is finished scraping the data it’ll present it to you in an easy to read and access table. Here you’ll be able to access all the data (plan permitting of course) and be able to export all this data into a spreadsheet to start using. 

How To Use The Data in D7 Lead Finder

Well you could of course get to work on contacting those leads straight away. But, if you want to increase the chances of getting someone to contact you back, you’re going to need a little more strategy to your outreach. 

In general, before contacting a lead I’d take a more methodical approach. Depending on the services you’re offering you’re going to want to do a few things before reaching out. I’d recommend doing a quick 30 second website audit to look for opportunities to connect with the lead on a personal level. 

You could even fire up Loom Video Software and record this process and then export that video and send it to them highlighting both the positives and negatives of their current website. 

Being as personal as possible is going to pay off in the long run. 

Other things you could do is contact local businesses via their postal address. When done properly this can be an extremely useful tactic in your marketing process. 

D7 Lead Finder Alternatives

D7 Lead Finder is a pretty much self-explanatory tool. Enter the details of the industry you want to find leads for and it’ll scrape all the available information according to the plan you’ve chosen. 

The real power really lies in your ability to connect and persuade those leads to become prospects and finally close the deal so that they become your clients and customers. 

With that said, how does D7 Lead Finder stack up against other lead scrapers in the market? Well, I’ll be honest it does really well and not because I think this tool is out of this world. 

But because there’s very few tools available on the market that provide the exact same service D7 Lead Finder does. 

Sure, there’s other scraping tools for scraping data from sites with multiple navigation, java script execution and proxies. There are even tools that may benefit us further down the line (scraping tools that measure visitor information and scraping tools with more dynamic sales integrations) but none of which we need for our lead generation right now – at a competitive price. 

That said, there is one other tool you might want to check out – Lead Scrape. Having a Chromebook myself I decided this wasn’t going to be the lead scraping tool for me but it’s well worth mentioning as it comes in cheaper than D7 Lead Finder. 

Apart from the information they have on their website though, there isn’t really much to go off without actually purchasing the software myself. And, as I’ve already wasted $97 on some dud software I’ll stick with D7 Lead Finder for now – thanks. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t check them out. It’s important to reiterate however, that Lead Scarpe is a scraping tool that needs to be downloaded and installed on your laptop or desktop. For me, that’s not only impossible but not something I want to do anyway – I much prefer the cloud nature of D7 Lead Finder. 

D7 Lead Finder Review []

D7 Lead Finder Review: The Consensus 

Now, there are a few free scraping tools out there – but, they don’t give you the same level of information you’ll get from D7. If you just need an email address and maybe a website URL domain then this might be a better option for you. 

If however, you’re looking to pre-qualify your leads better, increase the chances of getting responses from your cold messaging and ultimately improve your sales funnel conversion rate (that is, leads to paying customers) – I highly recommend you go with D7 Lead Finder. 

It’s cloud based software, giving you a wide range of information (even in the lower plans) comes at a very reasonable price when you compare it to other similar scrapers in the industry and is damn easy to use. 

For me, I just wished I saved the $97 I spent on a piece of shit when I first started and that would’ve given me about 4 months of lead scraping. 

Don’t be like me. Do yourself a favor…

If you’re looking for a lead scraping software that doesn’t slow your computer down, gives you all the information you need to start filling up your sale pipeline, and minimizes the time you need to spend on pre-qualifying leads before you contact them – D7 Lead Finder should definitely be the scraping tool of choice in your sales arsenal.

Instead of paying full whack for the software, you can actually get a 10% discount through here if you’re serious about taking your lead generation to the next level.